New Year Style Goals: The “New You Package” by Spring & Fifth

January 04, 2017

Its about that time again, time to reset and start being a go getter and fashion killa. 2017 is going to be epic for us Spring and Fifth girls. Time surely does fly and while 2016 was cool, it definitely was an interesting year with style icons like Prince and Princess Leia gone among all the crazy things, but 2017 is a fresh start. A new mindset, with new style, new clothes, new goals, and new dreams coming true.

Amidst all the confetti and sparkle we all get inspired to be a new girl, still you of course because you always rock, but a new better version of you. Life is about change after all. Experiment and revive. A great way to kick start the coming year is by adding a few things to your closet and style. Try some of our new edgy, sultry and fresh designs. Our brand brings out your sultry feminine side along with your inner badass or simply put, it is for the free, fashionable and fearless. Embrace your eccentric side and try new outfits this year and rediscover yourself. After all, “Slay girl. Slay girl”


Another great to start in 2017 is skin care, let’s face it, things aren’t so Forever 21 anymore. Good skin makes such a huge difference because the confidence that comes healthy skin is amazing. We checked it a few months ago and loved it! You can see more about our visit to Privileged Beverly Hills here. I mean Gwen Stefani must do this whole skin care thing and Pharell Williams too, they still look the same year after year. Gwen still isn’t a hollaback girl. Our recommendation for our California girls is Privileged Beverly Hills but if you aren’t in California, do some great research. We love Privileged Beverly Hills because their amazing facials start from just $35 and up, you can make sure your skin is not missing out on any love and attention. Rock a makeup free day here and there during those lazy days and still look flawless.


Photo Cred: Privileged Beverly Hills

It’s been said that a smile is one of the best things a woman can wear so let’s not forget those pearlies. They need love, glam, and attention too. A set of sparkling pearly whites makes all the difference. Check this girl out.


Photo Cred: Smile Brilliant and @fernandogomezphoto

We know we love our coffee and daily Starbucks, but coffee also stains the heck out of our teeth if not attended to. Can you imagine living without your Starbucks? Sounds impossible? Well, we have great news! Spring and Fifth loves Smile Brilliant and you will totes love them too. We have a special collabo and have created a special just for you. Smile Brilliant is offering our Spring and Fifth girls 10% off with the following code: springandfifth10. The whitening system is about $125. The teeth whitening system is designed to cater everyone’s needs. We used them and have been seeing the total difference. You are able to create custom teeth whitening trays to allow you to whiten teeth with convenience at home.  You can find more about Smile Brilliant with this link and the best part is that the system eliminates the taboos associated with teeth whitening such as tooth sensitivity and extra shiny bright white teeth that can blind the next person. The package comes with professional teeth whitening kit to remove tough stains and still providing good pearly white teeth with customized trays designed specifically for your teeth. We love everything customized and designer, it’s just all top notch. There are some trays that aren’t customized but they don’t work as well as the custom trays by Smile Brilliant. Here is a pretty girly that loves the customized trays and can tell you all about them:

If you’re wondering if the teeth whitening at home is easy to do, it’s super easy and saves you visit to the dentist office. You can watch it here.

After placing your order, the dental labs fabricate the custom tray using the impression. The prepared system is then delivered at your doorstep. Could it be any easier? So reap the benefits and get yourself a beautiful smile this year. You’re going to be so fabulous!

Start the year with a bang and bring forth the new you. New outfits, great self care, and a great smile. Here are some of our favorite Spring and Fifth items for you to check out. Have a fabulous 2017!

Style Tip: Rock this New Year with a New Furry Spring and Fifth Jacket paired up with some velvet black leggings and a Spring and Fifth Little Sexy Choker–an exclusive fashion deal from Spring & Fifth. Grab them here; and Use shop code STAYFAB at checkout for 15% off.

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