Getting To Know The Designer Of I Am Zoe The Label!

August 16, 2016

Getting To Know The Designer Of I Am Zoe The Label!

We love our designers here at Spring and Fifth, especially when they are super rad, gorgeous, and talented! We had already heard so many things about the designer as she made quite the buzz at Style Fashion Week LA in the past few years and has been a part of Fashion Week San Diego so it was with much plesh that we met up with Otilia Mendez and got to know her a little more along with her brand. We will gladly be carrying some pieces very soon so stay tuned! Here is what learned about the designer, I mean besides that she's got mad style and everyone asked about her dress that day! She wore a lovely dress from her collection, exactly like the one pictured in this blog with the buttons but in white.

She started designing in 2014. She started a clothing brand called Diestra, but that same year we went separate ways and started I-AM-ZOE.

Inspiration for designers comes from different things but Oti as she prefers to be called finds her inspiration in people, places, other designers, and art. Simplicity and minimal is her style and we dig it. We had a great time attending the Gen Art Fashion Show  in Los Angeles with this pretty gal and did some outfit and people watching with her for inspiration, hey it's all in the deets right? Inspiration is everywhere, look around you! We're fans of going back in time at Spring and Fifth and find some guilty pleasures in the 60's and 70's. We're hippies and we know it and we had a great time chatting about that with Oti.

One of the questions that we enjoyed asking Otilia is about the special moments in her career. We asked her what special moments inspired her or let her know that she was on the right path and she said, "In my short career as a designer I think you always remember your first "big designer interview" :)  Allison  Andrews from FWSD had interviews for new designer to be part of FW 2014. I was beyond excited that my friend and partner at the time had made it to our first fashion week. That night was super special because you for the first time get to see the people reaction on something you worked so hard for 4 months. That definitely motivates and inspires you."


Image via @styloti

Those are just snippets of how amazing this designer is and we're excited to have her be a part of Spring and Fifth. A limited capsule of I-AM-ZOE will be available at Spring and Fifth starting next week! Stay tuned for the lovely designs!

Here are some of our favorite pictures of Oti in her I-AM-ZOE designs, we can't with all of them, they're too amazing!

 Image via @styloti


  Image via @styloti


We love it! 


The Spring and Fifth team!

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