Fabulous Facials at Privileged Beverly Hills!

November 14, 2016

Fabulous Facials at Privileged Beverly Hills!

So last month, we checked out Privileged Beverly Hills for a facial and loved it. It’s such a great location. If you are in Los Angeles, this should be your favorite spot because the offer the best facials in the city and the best prices so that you don’t feel guilty about treating yourself. The what’s not to love list is pretty long on this location. Seeing that we obviously love fashion at Spring and Fifth, enjoying the great locations around the spa was definitely a plus. It is perfectly nestled in Beverly Hills with much fabulous fashion around, along with places like MAC, Sephora,  glasses by Celine, Saks Fifth Avenue, and all the mod clothes around in Beverly Hills. So what was the best part about our visit, besides all the great fashion of course? It would have to be really connecting with the aesthetician, Do Monique, and chatting a little about how to better take care of skin.  We had been in contact with owner Samantha, and she was a total doll too!

This visit in particular was different, perhaps because things aren’t so Forever 21 as far as age goes, and no we aren’t old either but still. I mean when you start seeing a wrinkle, things get real! It’s great to start learning about the little things that matter and to start leaving some of the not so good things behind, things like going to sleep with makeup on after going out needs to go if you’ve been there and done that. We need to be adding a great toner like rose water to our routing, a great exfoliator, a great sun block 50+ if you’re in sunny Kalifornia, and adding a little something with glycerin like we did after treating ourselves. Fork over some money girlfriend, investments into you are the best kind of investments. We didn’t really buy into magazine play too much and zoned everything out as commercial which can be true sometimes, but the reality is that taking care of your skin is essential and it was great for our team learn that and to of course share that with our Spring and Fifth girls. Things aren’t always going to be Forever 21 and as time goes by skincare becomes more and more important. Some of us didn’t really grow up not really looking at magazines where you can learn snippets of self care but there is so much more to know. If you grew up girly but a slightly careless then listen up, if that extra 10 min of sleep got you into the habit of running around like a crazy girl, definitely read up.  So since our visit, some things have changed! Change is great sometimes, especially if it’s a change to be healthy! So what exactly did we learn and takeaway?

The Privileged Beverly Hills aesthetician said that in addition to scheduling regular facials, we could do the following:

“You can start by doing a homemade scrub with sugar lemon and a little bit of water. Apply this to your face in a circular motion and let it set for 5 minutes then rinse off and apply rose water toner followed by a moisturizer and sunscreen if you’re headed out.”

This was such great advice after an awesome facial. While we there we did the following treatments, Pumpkin Facial+ Collagen Facial, and a LED treatment. We pampered ourselves to the nines. We found out that even Kim K does LED treatments and we had no idea! Here are some fun pics of that day and of course of how we were feeling after which was of course gorgeous! If you’re interested in the breakdown of each light, you’ll see it below! XX


 Red light is to minimize pore size and boost collagen production. It also tightens the skin. The green light helps with pigmentation issues like acne scaring, sun spot age, uneven skin color, and helps with skin cell renewal. The blue light helps to kill acne causing bacteria.

We definitely help that this inspires you to really start pampering yourself! It's all in the small details! Visit the  fabulous aestheticians at Privileged Beverly Hills if you're in the area or find ones near you that really show you how you should be taking care of yourself. Self love is important and you can do it in many forms whether it be through skin care, fashion, beauty, reading, being the kind of woman that inspires others to slay as well! Needless to say, this is how we were feeling after the visit!


Here are some pics of the area!

 With love,

The Spring and Fifth Team




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