April 11, 2016


Spring and Fifth had the great xo pleasure of visiting Tokyo and all we have to say is that we came back mega inspired! The fashion inspiration was everywhere, even on the metro where the girls still wore those heels and dressed super chic.  Once you tell us American girls, a lot of girls start dressing down for comfort, but not in Tokyo. They kept it high fashion, chic, and feminine. We totally understood why at Miss. Gwen Stefani became obsessed during her visit to Japan, especially HARAJUKU.  Pretty bananas that she created her own HARAJUKU line. We were so inspired by their super femme fatale that is super embellished and their sense of freedom with fashion. It is an art form after all and you can see that, you can feel that which is so inspiring since we do love clothes and all. We loved to get dressed up and we were right at home in Japan. Didn't have to hide the love for super cute bows or the love for a pastel backpack. Super excited for you to read on about the style influences between American style and Japanese style. We're going to finish the article off by showing you the super kawaii things from Spring and Fifth that would totally fit the inspirations that we saw in Japan. You can use code SUPERKAWAII for 20% off anything you're loving. Get it girl!

We did see a lot of American influences in their fashion and style but I think the Japanese also add their own flare and style. The bows, the high heels, the lace, the lovely socks! We tend to see less of those on an everyday basis as we grow up here in the United States which is SO BORING! We made sure to grab some bows and super femme socks to remember all the lovely details the Japanese are into, it's things that aren't a big deal at home but it's so fun to be all about them. Many American's also visit Japan to be inspired and we do believe that there are many things that inspire our fashion here in the U.S. because we heard a lot of American artists there such like Demi Lovato, Keira Knightley with Chanel, and Zayn Malik. We did hear Gwen Stefani's new album being playing which was definitely fun! We were so pleasantly surprised to see much of the Kardashians, that was a nice break, we love their fashion but they are everywhere. After visiting Tokyo, we can definitely see where Gwen's love of bows, tights, and lace came back in! It's what American would call pretty school girl style with super cool shoes! Check out the Jeffrey Campbell presentation via Tokyo Fashion which we referenced to quite a lot, pretty amazing! Have we mentioned how much we love Jeffrey Campbell? Gimme gimme! All the shoes please!

We were pretty excited about the the whole trip to Tokyo, but we were especially excited for the Harajuku fashion district and it was a lot than we we were even thinking! It was SO PINK and when we say, SO PINK, we mean SO PINK! It was a festive color of pinks, lavender, baby blue, white, and some of the most feminine super kawaii stores ever. We love that the sense of being super cute, super feminine, and keeping those super frilly socks that your mama put on your as a little girl around. It was a place where they were not afraid of color and playing with fashion.


We also couldn't miss the love for sweets in Harajuku and just about everywhere, it was so kawaii. For anyone that missed it, that means super cute in Japanese. Take your pick from mochi ice cream, candy, or the crepes which you can't miss while you're in Tokyo. They are everywhere and we did stop to smell the very pink roses and have a vanilla ice creme crepe with bananas in a very pink ice cream cone like presentation. It was so adorable and fun and we were able to get a super frilly and lace lavender sweater, we had to celebrate somehow right?

The only complaint we had with the stores that we visited are that they definitely carry American sizes so unless you're about a size 6 1/2 with shoes, you're most like SOL. Sad day!! We are sure that there has to be some stores that do carry them, but you'll have to do your research because we are pretty sure that most places didn't go past an American M/L are their biggest size if you were lucky. 

The other placed that we were definitely loving was Shinjuku! SO much fun! It had the total city buzz, city colors, city life, cool presentations, technology, and all the fun depato (department stores) and boutiques in one big fun area. We visited Takashimaya and spent the day there just exploring! There is so much to see, it is endless. There is a craft store, kids store, women's store, men's store, beauty and fragrance, travel and many more but they are all it's own floor. We also loved that there was a market that you can just go downstairs to and take some food home or you could enjoy a lovely time at a restaurant. We noticed that everything was a nice one stop shop which is pretty convenient if you ask us! We also loved the playful fashionable presentations and flowers, we did visit for Spring after all! The clothing presentations were always fun and creative and of course colorful. Everything was always colorful and animated which let's face it, makes everything a little less boring! Look at this presentations from Hips and Lips in Shinjuku, doesn't that automatically make you feel special? That makes me want to shop and stop in to see what is going on at this beautiful store.

The fashion could be as expensive as you wanted to buy or as affordable as you wanted it to be. The choice is really yours as there you can find a little something on every street. We loved Tokyo and can't wait to be back one day!

Maybe the next time we see some real Harajuku girls like the ones on Tokyo Fashion! In the mean time, we will make sure to start being just as free as all the gorgeous Japanese girls! They got it going on but hey so do we! It's beautiful that cultures can unite in that way! 

Here are some super kawaii things from @springandfifth that would fit into the kawaii style of Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Japan! Let's keep doing our thing and letting the love for fashion shine on. 

These little Mini Macaron Jewelry Boxes are pretty cute and totally fit all the colors that we saw in Harajuku.



Make room for something comfy, cute, and stylish to add some funk to all the fun pastels. Our Furry Styling Cardigan is everything.



We definitely noticed the love for socks. We love the knee highs and the super frilly socks too! Be ready for a whole new collection of socks, we're inspired, can you tell? But let's live in the now too, these are the socks that already fit the look. The Spring and Fifth Knee Highs and the Super Frills Socks.

We love the frills and thrills too.

Our Metallic Hologram Bag is definitely pretty rocking! It is currently sold out but can fa sho email and place a pre-order. 

Last but not least, our Chic Pearl Bun! Girl, get your style and swag on! You know this is super cute and oh so one of a kind! Don't forget that you can use the code SUPERKAWAII for 20% off! 


Actually one more too and then we're done for now! This little coin purse cause trust us, coin purses are a must in Japan.


Have fun!! 



The Spring and Fifth team.









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