We All Dream In Gold! Oscar Awards 2016!

February 29, 2016

We All Dream In Gold! Oscar Awards 2016!

Whattanight! Whattaweek too, we got to go to some Vanity Fair Social Club events for the Oscar. Tonight though for starters, Chris Rock always knows how to make everyone laugh and we did love his speech on Hollywood needing some of improvement. We're all for it, we're all for all real talks and equality! We all dream in gold after all right?

Secondly, our #MCM Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his well deserved Oscar Award! He's always been so damn talented, classy, and sexy so he's our Spring and Fifth man of the week. This of course couldn't have happened without the talented director Alejandro González Iñárritu. 

Thirdly, lets be real, we watch the Oscars to see all the all so pretty dresses from al the big designers as well as emerging designers. We have to show love to emerging designers, we all start somewhere! Here are top best dressed ladies and some fun pics of our fun at the Vanity Fair Social Club for the Oscar Awards. 


via @kardashiankollection

Now let's take a look at all the fun we had this week at Vanity Fair Social Club in celebrations for the Oscar Awards this weekend! We had some some with Yves Saint Laurent who was doing some beauty styling and Stella Artois for the Happy Hours cause lort knows we love happy hour! We loved having an all access pass to this event, we were all loving it Spring and Fifth. 


We loved the art work of all the fab ladies on the cover of Vanity Fair.



via @yslbeauty

This next quote is so true, stay curious! Learning and exploring is what it's all about! We loved that found this quote at this event. 


We got credentials here at Spring and Fifth, credentials to have fun!


Was this for real? It sure was! 


Last but not least our boys deserve to be seen! We're are leaving on the fabulous note of Leo! We love you Chris Rock and Leo!



Have a lovely day loves!


The Spring and Fifth Team!




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