February 22, 2016


Thank you for joining us for #BLOGMONDAZE at Spring and Fifth! Start checking back in every Monday to see all the fun new things we got going onnnnn! Our blog will be released every morning! Last week we covered the stylist and owner of Glam and Sassy! This week we have so many fun new things! It's going to be an EPIC week! 

This week we will be at the Vanity Fair Social Club and will get to mingle with fellow fashionistas, beauty artists, film/tv gurus, and we will get to learn lots. We're excited about YSL, we've heard great things about their makeup! 

This week will we will also be at a Coco Chanel event taking place in Los Angeles. We're definitely very excited about that and can't wait to get beautified! (Cue Justin Timberlake's "You don't need no maybelline" song!) 

We will of course be wearing Spring and Fifth to these fun events and will be blogging so definitely start checking in. We promise we won't be boring. HA! 

We're busy over here, can we tell? We also have a pop shop coming up so if you don't wanna shop online, it's cool girl! We always gotcha!! 

Happy Monday Darlings! 

Have an epic week and show 'em who's boss well keepin it classy and fabulous in the words of Coco Chanel. Oh and of course sassy and never afraid to be different! You know us Spring and Fifth girls do!






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