How we really felt about Super Bowl 50!

February 08, 2016

How we really felt about Super Bowl 50!

Alright alright alright, we will be real.. We only really cared about Queen Bey and Lady Gaga. Cold Play is pretty cool too, we love their new jam and we maybe cared a little bit for Peyton Manning. Other than that, we are pretty stoked that Queen Bey was our WCW before she straight slayed at Super Bowl 50. She's always been so talented, confident, and unafraid to shine on, our kind of Spring and Fifth girl for sure.

Let's talk about fierce and let's not even start talking about all the bold statements in her new song! She looked so amazing and her fashion as always is everything! On another note, we were really impressed by Beyonce almost falling but she caught herself quickly! She didn't let anything get in her way! We've got mad kudos for that in a performance and real life cause let's face it, things happen and it's all about how you go on. Take everything in stride! Did we mention we are going to see her new tour possibly? Cross your fingers for us!



This one made us laugh. So true!



Spring and Fifth 

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