February 05, 2016


Alright, alright, so we got curious and wanted to see what Kimoji was all about! We got it right when it launched, but now the most recent update, we had to let you know our thoughts! You can thank us for saving you the $2. HA! So we aren't going to lie, these can be raunchy but some are pretty cool, edgy, and fun. Some of them are a little over the edge to say say the least. But, there is a BIG BUT, literally and figuratively. We are talking about KIMOJI after all. The biggest down fall to the KIMOJI is that you can only use them as a text message because you can't post them via any social media posts. 

You'll have to be happy with getting a few laughs out of your friends and hey we get it, they aren't for everybody and neither are the Kardashians but we will say kudos for making emojis that are a little more hip and mod, let's not lie, we've had our wishes for different emojis than the ones that are available, they are pretty basic. These are a little out there, maybe a little dirty here and there, but funny. If you want to read more about the new updates check Refinery 29, they are KDASH mania, just saying. 

Maybe with the new few updates, they will work on the down falls. But in the mean time, at least this means women in technology.

Here are some of our fave emojis!



The Spring and Fifth Team!

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