Meet The Stylist Behind It All! The Style Behind The Kardashian's and Jenners is Monica Rose!

September 25, 2015

Do you ever wonder how it is that these girls are able to slay everyday with every outfit? Well we have Monica Rose to give kudos to! Monica Rose has become a top notch Hollywood stylist that works with yes, the Kardashian's and the Jenner's, but she also works with JLO, Giuliana Rancic, Vanessa Lachey, and Mindy Kaling to name a few! But lets face it, whether you like the K and J crew, they really kill it with their style and that's all because of Monica Rose! Loved the article that Pop Sugar posted about Monica Rose this week. 

After a little more digging, the best thing was finding out that Monica Rose is a self made stylist that took on lots of free projects and made her way to the top through hard work, positivity, grit, and tenacity! In an interview with Complex Magazine she talked about her inspiring journey. Monica Rose never assisted or interned for a stylist so she learned everything on her own.She learned that clothes could be loaned, she stayed inspired through magazines for looks, learned fast, and made lots of mistakes like the rest of us until she got better with experience and got the gig that made all the difference, a Complex shoot with Kim K when Kim K wasn't Kim K. The rest is history! 

Her advice for anyone in the biz is " Be patient, work your ass off, and never give up" along with "Always ask questions and never be scared to ask for what you need in order to get the job done. Be fearless—never let your fear set you back. Surround yourself with positive people in your life who support you and believe in you. Being honest and loyal—it will take you far in this business so be sure not to burn any bridges. Be hungry but not thirsty!" 

It is definitely so cool to learn a little more about the oh so inspiring Monica Rose, the girl behind the famous looks! 

Photo Cred: Getty Images 

Here are some of the looks that she has created that we can't deny are the! 



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